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My Abstract Sculptures begin with extraordinary boulders and stones, the shapes of which inspire my steel structures. All of which kindles a conversation between human creativity and the natural world. My sculptural forms cause the viewer to appreciate a common connection to nature and affirm the ability to shape our world in exceptional ways.
Toy Maker
Artist Jeffrey Breslow, born in 1943, is the president of Big Monster Toys. For seven years, Marvin Glass mentored him in the art of toy design. In 1967, he along with Howard Morrison and Rouben Terzian began a 31-year collaboration that has led to the creation and design of some of successful toy and game products such as Ants in the Pants. All three were inducted into the Toy Industry Hall of Fame in 1988.
The Gallery
The Jeffrey Breslow Gallery opened in the West Loop at 1015 W. Fulton Market on September 19, 2015. The gallery, dedicated to permanently showing the abstract sculptures of Jeffrey Breslow, rotates work by 2-D artists three to four times a year. In 2015, Breslow showed 26 steel and stone sculptures at the first ever indoor and outdoor exhibit at Willis Tower.

Jeffrey Breslow


Jeffrey Breslow is a lifelong Chicagoan who was born and raised in Albany Park He received his BFA in Industrial Design from the University of Illinois where his wizardly instructor Edward Zagorski introduced him to design–a dimension of creation beyond making and shaping. Breslow soon learned that design was the hidden operator behind everything–automobiles, furniture, appliances and toys–and he was hooked. His enthusiasm for design brought a sense of play to his fascination with form and construction and soon he recognized that designing children’s toys and games was the perfect synthesis. Breslow spent 41 years as a renowned toy designer and was president and CEO of Big Monster Toys until 2008 when he chose to pursue his first passion of sculpting full-time.


Breslow was introduced to sculpture by Hazel Loew, his high school art teacher. He studied with Frank Gallo at the University of Illinois. For a number of years, Breslow studied with Susan Clinard creating realistic figurative bronze sculptures. Jeffrey Breslow has two art studios in Chicago–one in the West Loop and another on South Kedzie Ave. Visitors are always welcome to his studios by appointment.

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The creation of art is the passion. The completion of art only ignites another creation.