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Boing, Boing, & Boing
Boing, Boing, & Boing

Boing, Boing, & Boing

When you slowly push down on the top stone with a deliberate rhythm, almost like slowly dribbling a basketball, and release, the stone continues to vibrate and go up and down for a number of minutes like a stone marble head.

The top stone sits on just three points in the spring without any fasteners. I titled the piece, Boing, Boing & Boing because that is what you are expecting from a spring sound. But the sculpture is silent.

I have always been fascinated with the flexibility of steel as a material. We assume that steel is strong, heavy and solid, when it is actually quite flexible. Think about flat springs for automobiles and even large coil springs and even, Boing, Boing & Boing.

11″ x 18″ x 52″H | 97 lbs.

Rusted Steel Base & Coil Spring Steel and Marble Stones



The creation of art is the passion. The completion of art only ignites another creation.